Owen's Mission

Horton the elephant was right! The Bible agrees! In fact, the Bible says more: A person's a person created by God (Psalm 139:13-14), a person redeemed by Jesus (Galatians 3:13), and a person the Holy Spirit wants to call to be His child (1 Timothy 2:4) no matter how small!

Owen's Mission is a very special project of Lutherans For Life. The goal of this project is to honor Jesus by presenting a set of Touch of Life fetal models to every Lutheran elementary and high school in the country. (Thats 1078 schools affecting 139,000 students!) We want students to understand the God-given value of each life from the moment of conception. We want students to be motivated by what God has done as our Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier that gives value to life. We want students to value themselves and to value others as persons because of this God-given value.

Where did Owen's Mission come from? From a very small and special baby named Owen. Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, Executive Director of Lutherans For Life, shares his story:

"I held my little grandson, Owen, in the palm of my hand. He died at twenty-one weeks during pre-natal surgery to remove a large tumor. The nurse brought him to our son as we waited in the recovery room for Owen's mother. I find it difficult to describe what I felt when I was able to hold him. I had held the twenty-week Touch of Life fetal model in my hands hundreds of times in front of students from preschoolers to seminarians. Holding Owen revived in me the reality behind those models. I will never hold them in the same way again."

As Owen's grandpa, Dr. Lamb wanted to do something special to remember Owen, honor Jesus, and help others understand the value God gives to even the smallest of lives. With the help of Owen's family, Owen's Mission was born. We are training facilitators to present these fetal model sets along with a DVD message from Dr. Lamb.

Fetus in God's hands

For more information about Owen's Mission, please call 888-364-LIFE or e-mail

Fetal Model

You may support Owen's Mission by sending a check to: LUTHERANS FOR LIFE 1120 South G Ave. Nevada, IA 50201-2774

Dr. Lamb

Owen's Grandpa says: "Thank you!"