At the Beginning of Life

"A Real Switch-a-roo!"

Early in March of 2018, a group of Iowa clergy and religious leaders signed a letter to the Des Moines Register in support of abortion. Signers included Methodist, Presyterian, United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, Episcopal, and Lutheran (ELCA).

The letter spoke against the Fetal Body Parts Bill (Iowa Senate File 359) which includes language prohibiting abortion once a baby's heartbeat is detectable. (An exception is medical emergency.) Although a preborn baby's heart begins beating around 21 days, it isn't picked up on a monitor until about six weeks.

"The clergy claim that the bill prohibiting abortions is based on religion, not science," writes Linda Bartlett, a member of the LFL of Iowa board. "Now there's a real switch-a-roo. Government leaders are speaking up in defense of unborn babies because their hearts are beating, but church leaders are blaming them for being religious."

To read the rest of her Letter-to-the-Editor, please click here.

As Owen's grandpa, Dr. Lamb wanted to do something special to remember Owen, honor Jesus, and help others understand the value God gives to even the smallest of lives. With the help of Owen's family, Owens Mission was born. We are training facilitators to present these fetal model sets along with a DVD message from Dr. Lamb.

Fetus in God's hands

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Fetal Model

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Dr. Lamb

Owen's Grandpa says: "Thank you!"